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As Your Favorite Sexologist, Octavia E Vance, leads high achieving single women from sexual frustration to Sexual Liberation by teaching them to embrace their Sexuality in order to have Sexual Success so that they can create the 'Ships-n-Sex Life of their dreams, without compromising their faith.

Her life’s mission is to build up frustrated women of faith who are tired of struggling in their ‘Ships n Sex so that ladies can heal up, then build up their communities via successful relationships, healthy marriages, elite child rearing and generational wealth.

With over 200k followers across all social media platforms, over 4 million views of her live streams and videos, thousands of ladies from around the globe who have consumed her mentoring, products and content for a decade, OEV has shown why she is the #1 Sexologist for women of faith.

Octavia lives in Texas with her amazing husband of 19 years Antonio and their 5 Stair Steppers, Precious 16, Princess 14, Prince 12, Priya 10 and Promise aka “Baby Man” 8, also known as “The V-Force Fam”.

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